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The YouthBuild Program was originally designed by Dorothy Stoneman and became a federal funded initiative in 1995 with a twofold objective: to work with high school drop outs ages 16-24 helping them to attain an equivalent diploma/acquire marketable job skills in the construction trade; and, to assist low-income individuals and families. The YouthBuild Program allows young people an opportunity to believe in themselves, and to set and attain goals. The activities throughout the program motivate participants to be lifetime learners, give them a sense of
accomplishment, and give them opportunities for new experiences.

In addition to the labor intensive training YouthBuild students receive, they also learn leadership skills, work ethic, and self respect that prepares them for a future in several related occupations. The program, start to finish, lasts approximately 6 months. Aside from completing their TASC (high school equivalency), students study for and take several industry recognized certification exams, including plumbers in training, and electrical apprenticeship. YouthBuild is a service, not only to the students who attend, but to the local community as well. The program puts a large emphasis on community service. The program partners with the local Habitat for Humanity by providing much needed construction labor to complete affordable housing for low income families in local areas.

Michael Austin
Program Coordinator
Office: 304-342-2078 ext 2101
Cell: 304-415-4632
Clayton Hamilton
Worksite Supervisor
Office: 304-342-2078
Will Collins
Job Developer
Office: 304-342-2078
Kim Blazek
Case Manager
Office: 304-342-2078

Charleston Office
600 Leon Sullivan Way
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-342-2078

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