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Supportive Services Offered

· Needs-Based Payments (stipends)
Youth receive a $5.00 per hour needs-based payment for each hour spent in Classroom training or unpaid work activities, such as: Job shadowing, internships, and community service.

· Transportation
The program purchases bus passes for participants through the Kanawha County Transit Authority.

· Tuitions, Fees and Books
Funds are available to cover the cost associated with tuitions, fees and books.

· Testing Fees
The program covers costs associated with SAT and/or ACT testing.

· Common Measures Degree /Certificate Attainment Bonus
Youth receive a $100.00 bonus for attainment of a diploma, degree or certificate.

· Miscellaneous
Funds are available to cover miscellaneous or incidental costs such as: payment for a Food Handler’s Card, personal hygiene/grooming items, or specialized training such as; First Aid, CPR, CIB’s, etc., provided it supports the participants’ Individualized Career Plan.

Jabbar Thomas
Lead Case Manager
Office: 304-342-2078
Grace Wise
Case Manager
Office: 304-342-2078

Charleston Office
600 Leon Sullivan Way
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-342-2078

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