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Board Nomination Form

As mandated by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA) (P.L.113-128), individuals representing Business, Labor Organizations, Adult Education/Literacy/Higher Education and Economic Development sectors on the Workforce Development Board (WDB) must be nominated by qualified organizations, as detailed below. To be considered for appointment to the Workforce Development Board, applicants must submit this completed Nomination Form, along with their completed Application to the Executive Director of Region III Workforce Investment Board of Kanawha County (WIB-KC). All nominations must meet WIOA eligibility determinations; all appointments to the WIB-KC board, once eligibility is determined, will be made by the Chief Local Elected Official of Kanawha County. Organizations may nominate more than one candidate for the Board’s consideration.

Proposed WIB-KC Board Membership Category (check one)

Instructions for WDB Applicant

  • Submit this completed Nomination Form, along with your completed Application, to the WIB-KC,

      P. O. Box 3726, Charleston, WV, 25337

  • The WIB-KC shall not accept incomplete Applications (e.g., Nomination Form without Application;

      Application without Nomination Form).

  • The County shall not accept Nomination Forms directly from Nominating Organizations

Thank you for submitting.

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